Will Rich Widows Looking For Love Again

rich widow looking for loveAccording to many singles, eighty-three percent of divorced men consider marriage after five years of being single, while only thirty-two percent of rich widows would do the same. It’s a huge disparity and while the gap is a bit surprising, the results are not.

Based on the statement of experts, the reason why rich widows remain single is because they can live alone and it is much difficult for the divorced males to be alone compared to females. The ego of women can’t bear to tolerate the man using her for her money. They have to know that she’s loved, regardless if they are poor, rich or have flaws.

Women have to learn to respect their lower-earning spouses the same way men do for their kindness, character, warmth, support, and attractiveness rather than looking down on them. A dating coach said that she have seen that up close and think that it’s a genuine obstacle for every woman to overcome. She also wrote about money, gender, and equality and believe that the whole point of having money is that it provides you the freedom to marry for love instead of security. It’s what most wealthy men do. Rich men do not look for female millionaires because it does not matter how much she makes and what matters is how she makes him feel adored, accepted or appreciated.

Rich widows, in spite of being equal to male counterparts, have a big block against dating men with less money. Where some men take delight at choosing vacations and dinners for their low-earning spouses, women basically become resentful that their spouses cannot carry their weight, which is a bit silly because if you’re a millionaire you can do whatever you like. Like most women, the risk isn’t worth the possible reward.

Some rich widows don’t want to marry again because they like their friends, home improvement projects, grandchildren, dinner parties, travel, and so much more. But, most of them are lonely.

For rich divorced men, the risk is actually worth it. That is the reason why they do not stay on the market for a long period of time. Therefore, experts concluded that the life choices of rich widows depend on what makes them happy. Although their case will leave you with curiosity, every rich window has a reason why she isn’t going on a date and wants to stay single.

However, even if there are rich widows who decide to stay single for the rest of their lives, there are some who continue looking for love and even paying men to date them. If you are interested to date a rich widow, you should start searching at the right place. You can also check out some dating websites that are designed for rich widows looking for men. With these websites, you can guarantee that you will find one who will give you a new experience when it comes to relationship. Just remember to have fun always and treat her with respect.